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Resistenza | Type design, Fonts, Lettering & Calligraphy
Resistenza is focused on branding, calligraphy, custom lettering and type design.
Branding, calligraphy, Lettering, logo, type, handwriting, font design, typography, Torino, Valencia, Berlin, type design, custom typeface design, calligrafia, custom typography,
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This interview is dedicated to one of the most expressive and attractive modern type foundry Life, work, talent, skills, dedication and devotion, everything gathered in one place and focused in one single goal: creating amazing unique fonts. This is the short story behind this small but very perspective and prosperous team, the long one is about hard work, lots of traveling, creativity and of course lots of amazing typefaces.
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  • We never read, we just look at letters. is a brand new conference that will take place in the fantastic city of Bolzano, a beautiful place under the Dolomiti.  We had......

  • TĀLĀ Alchemy

    This amazing video is filmed by Studio Moross. Our Tala logo and Alchemy lettering were used on the intro. Enjoy it!...

  • Nautica Specimen Contest

    Nautica is a new script typeface based on Copperplate. High in contrast. Ligature and swashes are more inspired by brush pen strokes. Nautica provides three w...

  • Italic Letters in Berlin

    This is an introductory look at Italic or Cancelleresca, one of the most widely used and versatile calligraphic hands around. Italic is the......