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Resistenza | Fonts in Use
Resistenza is focused on branding, calligraphy, custom lettering and type design.
Branding, calligraphy, Lettering, logo, type, handwriting, font design, typography, Torino, Valencia, Berlin, type design, custom typeface design, calligrafia, custom typography,
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Fonts in Use

This section contains projects featuring our typefaces.

  Design: Pappas → Font in use: Nautica

 Donnerstag Magazine – Taiwan  → Font in use: Respect

 Sundress Boutique  → Font in use: Mina

 La Guía Hedonista  → Font in use: Turquoise

Energy Concept  → Font in use: Sonica

 Pink Carat  → Font in use: Archivio

Graphic Design and App Development Matic Leban –  → Font in use: Superb

Graphic Design Nello Russo – Archivio Tipografico Torino  → Font in use: Nautica

Font in use: Adelaida

Font in use: Copperlove