Every year when summer comes around, one of the most difficult choices on a hot summer day was..... to choose just ONE ice-cream or popsicle from the long list, and here you were next in line! So many shapes, so many colors, so many flavors...Yes it really was a hard decision to make.

No matter where you lived, you would see the same ice-lollies, perhaps with different names but in the end, the experience and nostalgia when thinking about that simple moment was the same....whether you were born in Chicago or Rome.

This year we decided to share this memory in the best way we know how.
Designing these popular ice-creams and popsicles, creating their special lettering using one of our fonts for each of them. Here you can see the result: ice-cream and letters.

Enjoy the delicious flavors and have a great summer!

ice creams & fonts


Font in Use: Vernice (in progress)