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Resistenza | Man Got Style Logo
Resistenza is focused on branding, calligraphy, custom lettering and type design.
Branding, calligraphy, Lettering, logo, type, handwriting, font design, typography, Torino, Valencia, Berlin, type design, custom typeface design, calligrafia, custom typography,
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Man Got Style Logo

Lettering logo for the german Fashion Magazine Man Got Style.
The aim was to design a very sinuous and simple lettering for web with a Copperplate (English Cursive) looking.
The calligraphy was essential for the development of this piece.
With the monogram MGS we used our best seller Archivio Slab.


Branding, Lettering/Calligraphy

archivio, copperplate, english cursive, lettering, monogram, script