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Resistenza | PaneSalame
Resistenza is focused on branding, calligraphy, custom lettering and type design.
Branding, calligraphy, Lettering, logo, type, handwriting, font design, typography, Torino, Valencia, Berlin, type design, custom typeface design, calligrafia, custom typography,
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Pane Salame is an Italian store, where you can taste some of the best local cheeses and sliced ham & salame.
We worked on the full branding, starting from the logo and helping out with the whole design store, doing calligraphy on the wall and several chalkboards.
Their sandwiches are the synthesis of our best italian products.

Pane Salame Via Giuseppe Verdi 45 c Torino – Italy



brand, calligrafia, calligraphy, food, logo, salame, torino