Challenged by the industrial sector, the Italian craft brewery Malti da Legare has launched a new recipe for its product, which, in keeping with its name, had to show an explosive label. This beer will be a surprise even for true beer experts and lovers, especially those familiar with the deep fragrance and elaborated craft beers. The result is an extraordinary combination of aromas, malt, cocoa beans, coffee and liquorice, all behind the Boom icon. This captivating design wants to keep the balance with the artisan origins while giving the idea of ​​a Molotov cocktail, a war of flavours with a dangerous label on the neck and a red sealing wax as a hood to protect the “fuse”. A game of irony between a festive mood and explosive situations. The label was made on Arconvert paper, a metallic silver paper with aluminum particles with a high degree of brilliance that stimulates sight and touch. A label with a mirror effect and moving reflections reminiscent of sparks of fire, perfectly contrasted with opaque writing, a BOOM that reminds us of suburban graffiti and gives a young and modern touch to a product that has such historical value.

Label Design: Andre Basile BasileADV
Photo: Diego De Dominicis (d/dedo Studio)

Client: Malti da legare


1° premio – Best Label 2020


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