One thing is certain…life is unpredictable and we have never understood that as well as we do this year. While it is true that we are aware that the need to be resilient has become important, much more needs to be done. To this end, and from this need, Track21 was born. From the creative partnership of BasileADV (Andrea Basile) and the type foundry Resistenza, comes Track21, a beer with a rebellious soul, where instinct meets intensity signifying an attitude that seeks to be the example of those who know how to fight and resist everything that happens. Track21 is the manifestation of this design daring to communicate this difficult and harsh journey in a singular way. The result is a product capable of evoking that unmistakable charm of the journey and showing that it is still possible to dream.
Starting with this idea, the elaboration of the name “track” comes from a desire to spotlight the path we have taken.
This vintage, 21,references the year 2021, and is designed to be the gateway to an exciting and bold future.
The Track logo lettering, were created to best express the concept behind this work… graceful style, all caps and inclined, with high contrast and a lot of weight. It skillfully plays between the thickness of thin lines and very heavy lines and recalling railways letterings. For 21, however, a more linear font was chosen, with a tubular shape and without contrast. The two fonts work together to form a cohesive presentation.
Both have been executed and embellished with a copper foil (supplied by Luxoro) and an ultramarine blue to offer to those who look at it for the first time an immediate deep reaction, emphasizing its tenacious and resilient character. The intensity of these two predominant colors supports the image of a bottle that wants to be solid, proud, and alive. In fact, multiple sensations can be felt.
As soon as we look at the profile of the bottle we immediately understand that it is unique… it is a bit “dented” making its beauty, decisive and unusual…it stands out immediately. Produced by Estal, specialists in premium solutions for the world of packaging, the bottle is perfect for the basic concept of the project, and integrates well with the label. Through the voids of the bands that embrace the distinct cylindrical silhouette, the geometric perforations are able to give even more relief to the design of the bottle and build a structure to communicate with impact.
The text, created with a Norman font (recently conceived and launched by Resistenza) reveals, through its enchanting words, what it really means to travel and the emotions one feels while doing so.
Upon opening, before taking out the bottle, you will find a singular brochure, reminiscent of an old-fashioned book of tickets, and also created with a Savile Row Plain camel paper. This brochure mentions the entire team that dedicated their skills and passion to it.
Track21 is a bottle that can travel continuously, and that, despite any difficulties, always arrives at its destination. It is a passage, a point of communication, a unique story that speaks to us of determination and resolve. It is an exciting project that brings with it an ideal of courage and great strength.

Photography Ost-Design