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  • Internship Apply

    If you would like to apply for an internship position at Resistenza please email us gs @ the following: Your Cv & Portfolio. Resistenza is looking for an enthusiastic student lgbtq+ friendly graphic & type designer to work with us during these special days. Skills Required: -Fluent English speaker, Spanish or Italian is a plus. -Type [...] More  →
  • Rosa dei Venti

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  • Tala

    Moross Studio contacted us to collaborate on this project. Tala is a persian singer and for her first album release she liked the idea to make reference to her origins creating this arabic style lettering. Latin letters are constructed by flat strokes and ornaments usually used in the arabic calligraphy creating this kind of optical …

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  • We never read, we just look at letters. is a brand new conference that will take place in the fantastic city of Bolzano, a beautiful place under the Dolomiti.  We had the luck to be invited for the firs edition and we are so excited about it and we want you to come. Our lecture will be focused on how good and healthy …

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  • An awesome gift by Michael Sull

    During September 2015, the city of Genova hosted an unforgettable Spencerian Workshop at Palazzo Lomellino, a Palace built in the XVII century. Michael Sull arrived directly from a landlocked state as Kansas to teach his skills in one of the most full of history Mediterranean city. All this possible under the organisation of Simona Picciotto, …

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  • Italic Letters in Berlin

    This is an introductory look at Italic or Cancelleresca, one of the most widely used and versatile calligraphic hands around. Italic is the perfect hand to learn for the beginning calligrapher yet versatile enough to experiment with for the advanced. Students will be given handouts and guide sheets as we learn the basic construction of …

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  • Nautica Specimen Contest

    Nautica is a new script typeface based on Copperplate. High in contrast.
    Ligature and swashes are more inspired by brush pen strokes.
    Nautica provides three weights and one set of useful icons and knots to improve you graphics.

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  • TĀLĀ Alchemy

    This amazing video is filmed by Studio Moross.
    Our Tala logo and Alchemy lettering were used on the intro. Enjoy it!

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  • 26th TipoBrda – Slovenia

    I had the chance to be invited as student and mentor to the 26th edition of TipoBrda, the best workshop for typophiles organized in Slovenia, a little piece of heaven. The workshop begins on the 17th of August and ends on the 23rd. Domen Fras and Professor Lucijan have been running this workshop since 1997 at Kaverljag, a place of trees, hills and beautiful people. Kaverljag is an association and house dedicated to artistic events, ran by the talented and experienced painter Aleš Sedmak.The big surprise of this workshop was working, side by side, with Diana Ovezea, who graduated in The Hague at Royal Academy of Art, Type&Media Master program.

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