A Free Font for Equal Rights

In 2007 we shared our first pride together. More than 1 million people took the streets of Madrid for this huge celebration… seeing the diversity of people supporting love was incredibly touching. Gay Pride is a celebration of freedom, human rights and the right to love whoever we want. It’s a memorial for the battles, the lives lost and the pain suffered while fighting for a growing list of equal rights. But let’s not forget there are still places where LGTBQ community is repressed and persecuted.

As Letter crafters we love seeing the signs people design for their different pride parades, and we wondered… Why don’t we create a collection of handcrafted lettering to share some love and to add a typographic realness to the party?
Love Wins Font is a series of 60 phrases handwritten with expertise and love specially designed to celebrate diversity. The lettering was crafted with different calligraphic tools creating diverse aesthetics. You can use them to create your signs, t-shirts, stickers, poster, banners.. all you need is to spread love during your Pride Celebrations (or day-to-day life!).
So if you support love and freedom, this is your new favorite freebie!
Shout LOVE out loud!

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What can I do with Love Wins Font?

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trans pride
Be proud of who you are
Equal Rights
I love Girls

Share some love

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