Font created by Giuseppe Salerno -


The pounding tribal rhythms of Afrobeat music is expressed through this psychedelic brand new font, Afrobeat. Every letter becomes art as every letter is elegantly placed side by side, like music notes, creating music for the eyes.

Afrobeat is a musical style performed by many African artists such as Fela Kuti, Femi Kuti, Antibalas and many more, which is a fusion of jazz,funk, and psychedelic rock, originating from the 60s and was based on the political movements of Nigeria.

The Font

This font is perfect for when you want to use eye-catching big texts for anything from posters and flyers for concerts, events, parties, to CD covers, advertisements, and art, but it´s especially striking for printed projects.
Formats: Opentype and Truetype. Works on Mac and Windows


Some applications
  • Afrobeat is cool
  • “Afrobeat is africa
  • “Ellen Allien
  • The Book
  • Viva Africa
  • On Blur

This shirt has been created for a competition, soon will be available on


This font born when I did my own custom brush on illustrator,
I wanted to design an afro mask, doing shapes and circles

Numbers and Sizes


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